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Our Accomplishments 

There are many treatment options for cancer patients and with that comes just as much financial obstacles to get through. Such as added travel, lodging, and insurance cost. By reason of this Avila's Cancer Fund has found that patients while in treatment need more financial help. Our goal is to help  patients and their families with extra cost they might acquire.

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Our Work

 We offer grants ranging from $100 - $500 for utilities, Pg&E, rent, and gas cards. We offer resources information for cancer patients and their families. With local agencies information, and support. 

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Our Vision 

While scientist are working hard to find a cure and  developing new treatment options for cancer patients. Our organization will be there to help as many cancer patients as we can with any extra help they financially need.

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Donate Now 

Your contribution to Avila's Cancer Fund will help us to offer financial assistance to cancer patients undergoing treatment in the Central Valley. We want to be an option for families that need financial assistance during cancer treatment. Most families that have a loved one going through treatment start accumulating debt due to taking care of a loved one or losing insurance coverage. When you give you help​ ease the burden of families that are already going through a crisis. This will ​allow the patient and family time to focus on healing. A portion of our donations will go to cancer research.

Your Support Provides

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Gas Cards
  • Lodging
  • Co-pays
  • $100-$500
  • All payments are made directly to the vendors


There are many ways to get involved. If your in the Central Valley from Tulare  to Stanislaus  County and would like to volunteer for Avila's Cancer Fund. Contact us at [email protected] to learn about opportunities. 

Avila's Cancer Fund 2018 Year- We are so Happy! Our Hard Work Paid Off! A little Help Can Go A Long Way! I Want to Thank All Our Volunteers Everyone Of Them Had Full Time Jobs And Still Made Time To Help Out With Fundraising Thank You.

  • (6) Pg&E Payments Made Total of $1500.00                                                                    
  • (10) Rental Assistance Payments Made $3500.00
  • (23) Gas Cards  Total $2600.00
  • (10)  Food Cards Total $1000.00
  • (2) Lodging 1 Night Stay $580.00 
  • (1) Utilities  Total $150.00                   Total $9330.00      

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